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Monday, January 23, 2017


Wood Profits Review

Many people dream of having their own profitable business. But the most critical question is; which business should they start up. Well here's an idea – Woodworking. For more details check wood profits review ,Most of us have a desire at one stage or another to be able to master woodworking. That's the thing about wooden products; they are attractive, elegant and gives you a feeling of swag. Plus it never goes out of fashion. So, if you have ever dreamed of learning such skills and then owning your very own profitable woodworking business, read along this review of Jim Morgan's ''Wood Profits''. You do not need to be skilled in woodworking from the start. In fact a step by step approach would be more rewarding.

Another worrying aspect of opening up a business is the risk factor and its kind of frightening. In businesses there are mostly no guarantees. Granted that woodworking may have slight risks too but the woodworking business idea we are reviewing here is the brain child of Jim Morgan; who himself is a full time home base woodworking business owner ( And he like the most of us is also not very fond of taking risks, and that's why he designed this idea to be sans risk or difficulty.

So before jumping to the main part of this review of  Jim Morgan's ''Wood Profits'', its only fitting to know a little about the guy who designed this wonderful program. Jim as most of us had a modest and humble beginning. Before he started his own homebased woodworking business in 1995, he was struggling with his finances and hardly making the ends meet. Woodworking was his hobby and he decided to turn it into a full-time gig. Within a year or two he was able to turn things around and 15 years from then according to him, he has made an average of $12,574 monthly. The good news for us is that we have the straight forward guide and we do not have to struggle and make mistakes and then correct them as happened with Jim. Wood Profits is the essence of his woodworking career.

In the words of Jim Morgan ''Starting a woodworking business will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make in your life''. So lets get down to the review of ''Wood Profits'' and have ourselves an idea as to what this whole program entails.

What exactly is Wood profits?
Wood Profits is a comprehensive guide to woodworking business. It  is an online course developed by Jim Morgan that guides you from start to finish on how you can start your very own woodworking business. In order to give you an in-depth and accurate review of  Wood Profits, I purchased it and checked it myself. So it starts from the very basic information and leads you towards mastering the skill. Here are the things that you will discover in Wood Profits;
·        Different types of wood and the types you should invest mostly in.
·        Helps you decide which woodworking niche to pursue.
·        A comprehensive course on Antique repair and restoration.
·         How you can start up with as little as $50 contrary to the common misconception that you need expensive tools and a large working space.
·        A detailed list of plans and blueprints of various in-demand projects.
·        A list of ten of the most selling wood products with plans, blueprints and instructions.
·        Woodworking tools and materials; which ones to buy and where to buy them. Jim Morgan suggests that this tip alone will save you thousands of dollars.
·        Practical advice on licensing and pricing. That is how to price your finished products to achieve optimum profits.
·        How to attract customers and make them return for more.
·        Hands on guide to making wooden furniture.
·        Tips on how to win commercial contracts and expand your business and maximizing your profits.
·        Great tips on how to complete your projects faster without losing the quality of the finished products.
·        There's even practical advice on the boring yet important aspect of the business like taxes etc.
·        Furthermore it includes around 500 plans for the highly in-demand products like toys, various kinds of boxes, clocks, containers and other wooden products you could possibly think of.
This my friends is just the concise list of the salient features that I could fit in this review of Wood Profits.
When you purchase your very own package of Wood Profits, you will get,
·        the main 53 page guidebook to start your own woodworking business.
·        The audio version of the guidebook which gives you the freedom of listening to it while you are working, driving or simply lying down to relax.
·        Detailed plans of around 500 of Jim Morgan's hottest selling projects in the form of an e-book.
·        A free bonus list of plans for building an outdoor shed.
·        And to top it up with a cherry, you can also have limited one-on-one email coaching with Jim Morgan. It will be like having your own guide every step of the way till you make your first sale.
·        Even after that you are not satisfied, then this program offers a 60 days ''love it or shove it'' money back guarantee.
And for those who want more then there is a VIP package also available. It includes additional 150 tried and tested plans, 1000 plus important documents, legal bindings and contracts, and an unlimited one-on-one coaching opportunity with Jim Morgan.

So these are some of the things that I could mention in this comprehensive review of Wood Profits. But if this does not help to make your mind in deciding whether to buy Jim Morgan's ''Wood Profits'' then lets go through some of the pros and cons of it which I have personally observed;

The Pros;
·        as I mentioned earlier in this 'Wood Profits' review, minimal skill set is required in order to start. But this does not mean to be a master in this art. This program is all that you need to take you from minimally skilled craftsman to be an expert.
·        Jim Morgan is a credible teacher, who learned this craft of woodworking the hard way. And to save us all the trouble he squeezed his life long knowledge into this program in the form of detailed plans, instructions and blueprints. You would not be left wondering.
·        It offers top notch and complete information and advice. The level of detail is exemplary. It includes his personal tips and advice. And as if this is not enough, Jim Morgan also offers one-on-one email coaching in this program.
·        Wood Profits program is especially for those who do not have thousands of dollars as start up capital. It guides you to start with as little as $50, and very hard to believe but its true.
·        Such low start up cost means, no risk.
·        As I said in the start that woodworking skills hold great appeal and most of have wondered of acquiring such skills. Its like its coded in our DNA. But for those of us who do this as a hobby then Wood Profits is for you. Who would not want to make handsome income out of their hobby.
·        And for those who really want to play it safe then there is Jim Morgan's 2 months money back guarantee. You purchase the program and test it for the whole 2 months, that is, 60 days, and if for any reason at all, you do not find it satisfying then you will receive the whole refund, no questions asked.


The Cons;
·        I will admit that its not for complete novices. You need to basic skill set to benefit from this program. This also because otherwise you will have real trouble in reading the plans, instruction and the blueprints.
·        Again Wood Profits is not for those who want to pursue woodworking as a hobby. Its for those who want to start up their own home based woodworking business.
·        The other issue is with the availability. Its not available in hard copy or physical for. Its available online and you will have to buy it from there.
·         Its not for those who want to get rich overnight. This program requires hard work and dedication. The reward is worth the trouble though.

My Conclusions;
To conclude my detailed Wood Profits review, I must say that its worth the money for serious contenders and a must have for people who want to start with little in realising the dream of owning a home based woodworking business. Jim Morgan provides a section on developing such business model, which is very helpful and credits his credibility and good will. Its a proper and sensible business plan which stops, excited people who want to make quick bucks, from loss. He highlights the particular line of products or niche, which you should focus on. Specifies the types of wood for that niche. So all in all its a valuable guide and must not be ignored. Plus the fact that Jim Morgan has been in the business for about two decades, adds confidence in Wood Profits.
Moreover, right now Jim is offering a huge discount on this course and keeping the money back guarantee in mind, I do not see why you should not avail this opportunity.
That is all from me on the Wood Profits review, and I hope it helps you in making the right decision. Happy Carpenting


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